If you are responsible for handling any component of a DOT/FAA-mandated drug testing program, then as the Designated Employer Representative (DER), you have an opportunity to learn the following concepts in a unique, interactive learning experience:

  • Record Keeping Requirements
  • Learn how to handle unique or unusual situations (e.g., “shy bladder”).
  • New Hire Best Practices
  • Compliant Program Management
  • Audit Prep

This course features:

  • Interactive Content
  • Library of Information
  • Quizzes
  • Scenarios
  • Games

Why It's Important

Ensuring compliance is ultimately the employer’s responsibility. This course will give program managers and Designated Employer Representatives (DERs) clear instructions for their role in the testing process, including how to handle challenging drug testing-related issues. This course will provide you with real life scenarios where you can respond and learn how to address the most common mistakes employers make in managing drug and alcohol testing compliance.